The three phases of the project

The three phases of the project
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To illustrate the chronological presentation of the project we have chosen to work with three general project phases: "Project Preparation", "Project Launching" and "Ara-Moana in Polynesia".

The project Ara-Moana was started in the summer of 1996, thus began the preparation phase. Ara-Moana was built and test sailed in Danish and other Northern waters. Experiences showed that some changes had to be made before the boat was ready for the oceans. Furthermore, we are dealing with a special boat which it takes a good deal of training to be able to navigate safely.

Thus, the preparation phase of the project involves clearing of Ara-Moana; gaining experience in proper handling of the boat; and maybe most importantly, sailing to the Pacific, to Guayaquil in Equador, from where the starting phase of the project begins in March 1998.

The launching phase of the project runs from March 5th until July 1st 1998 and includes sailing from Guayaquil through the Galapagos and the Marquesas to Tahiti. This part of the project is of great importance. In Guayaquil Polynesians sign on for the first time and the cultural exchange with all its implications has thus begun from this point on. It is also from this point on that the training in traditional navigation is commenced. An instructor from Polynesian Voyage society, Hawaii has promised to participate. He stays aboard Ara-Moana and functions as navigator all the way to Tahiti.

Estimated arrival in Tahiti is July 1st 1998. This is when the project finally becomes "Ara-Moana in Polynesia".



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