Polynesia in a historical perspective
Polynesian navigation and seamanship
Ara-Moana in French Polynesia
History of the project
Technical specifications
The three phases of the project

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Ara Moana which is Polynesian for "Path Across the Ocean" is a maritime and cultural project. Ara Moana is also the name given to a 64 feet long ship, a replica of a traditional polynesian doubble canoe, built in Denmark by typographer Poul Pedersen in the years from 1985 to 1987. Poul pedersen started this project because of his facination for the polynesian culture and his intention was to create more attention for this culture and to throw light on the amazing maritime achievement that made it possible to populate the large Polynesian area.

While Ara Moana was built the Scandinavian Polynesian Friendship Association (SPFA) was formed as a supportive association for the project. After its launching Ara Moana has sailed many test sailings in Northern waters and been the basis for various activities arranged by the SPFA. In 1994 the right to make use of the boat was given to the "Project group Ara Moana" and in the summer of 1996 a project which has the basis in the here presented papers was started.

The following is a description of the project´s ideas presented in three headings.

Later in this presentation in the part called "the practical carrying out of the project" the concrete plan for carrying out the project will be described.



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The project in three headings.