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History of the project
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Sidst revideret: 12-01-2004

The project was initiated in 1985 by typographer Poul Pedersen, who lived in New Zealand from 1958 to 1962. His interest in Maohi culture gave rise to the idea for a boat project, which would draw attention to the Maohi´s culture and social conditions and throw light on the maritime achievements that underlie the inhabitants of the Polynesian islands.

From 1985 to 1987 Poul Pedersen built and launched a 64 feet traditional Polynesian double canoe and simultaneously co-founded an association to support the project.

The command of the boat, named Ara-Moana, was handed over to a small group of people called Project Group Ara-Moana. Project Group Ara-Moana consists of Bo Præst Nielsen (daily leader), Sune Sandø (project coordinator), Rasmus Elmquist Casper (project leader Ara-Moana), Kim Skade (contact person) and Susanne Koch Andersen (chairperson of Scandinavian/Polynesian Friendship Association Ara-Moana (SPFAA)).

The Project Group constitutes an effecient and energetic group and the task of SPFAA is to contribute to the completion of the project.

Ara-Moana has been test sailed in Northern European waters since it was launched.



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