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Ara-Moana in French Polynesia
Forfatter: Administrator
Sidst revideret: 19-08-2003

The Project group Ara-Moana and Scandinavian/Polynesian Friendship Association Ara-Moana cooperate with Hiti Tau on establishing a school of navigation and seamanship with the double-canoe Ara-Moana as the physical platform.

Concrete activities will be as follows:

  • Training project for young Maohis in modern and traditional navigation. Traditional navigation is to be understood broadly with all the cultural activities and aspects, connected to voyages across the sea. The boat will also be used for education of school children when in harbor.
  • Physical and symbolical rallying point for Hiti Tau in connection with meetings and festivals and as a bond, which ties the groups on the central and remote islands in French Polynesia closer together.
  • Contact between all people in the Pacific. To begin with by voyaging within the Polynesian area.
  • Culture ship and base for exchange on many aspects between our regions. As far as possible the number of Scandinavians and Polynesians onboard Ara-Moana will be the same.
  • Navigators and teachers will be from Polynesia as well as Northern Europe. The future location of the ship in Polynesia and the exact sailing routes will be decided by the Project Group Ara-Moana and Hiti Tau.